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European University – The Importance of Affiliations with Other Schools


For students who are researching various European universities with accreditations, an understanding of the importance of affiliations with other schools is crucial. They often add value to the university’s offerings and thus translate into better credentials for graduating students. In today’s competitive world, students can benefit immensely from the clear edge that this offers vis-à-vis other graduates.

Most well-reputed business schools across Europe ensure that they have affiliations with top-rated universities in other locations, including international ones. For example, the triple-accredited European University has affiliations with International Business School in Budapest and Nichols College in Massachusetts (U.S.), as well as China’s Peking University. Copenhagen Business School sends over 1,100 students abroad each year as part of a semester exchange program with its affiliated universities.

Advantage of Affiliation with a Reputed Business School

There are many advantages in studying at a renowned  business school or european university with accreditations. The students gain an international perspective, which helps them stand out among peers when they graduate. A clear understanding of prevailing international regulations and norms is also an advantage that students gain from studying at universities with many affiliations.

Associations with international schools often paves the way for dual degree programs wherein a student can graduate with degrees in two critical business areas from different universities. The exposure that such affiliations offer to students is invaluable, especially since there is virtually no geographical limit to the career opportunities that present themselves to him/ her.

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